Sunday, July 29, 2012

Montana Outdoors: Bannack Days...

Last Saturday, a lull in the guide wars, Gale and I along with our PA friends, Paul and Gretchen Rebarchak, spent the morning at Bannack Days. Bannack, the first Territorial Capital of Montana was a wild place by any stretch as is the annual re-enactment...
 Here's Paul doing his best to charm these, ah, soiled ladies. While looks can be deceiving, sorry pal, I came away thinking the ladies were, ah, dare I say it? Not all that impressed...you don't suppose the gray beard...nah!

As you might expect a gunfight soon ensued, drawing a big crowd, of course. In the end the white hats won but trust me the black hats did not go down easy...as the first shots rang out, a couple youngsters sitting nearby...well, to say they flinched is truly an understatement.

Pannin' fer gold, also drew a crowd, as young and old alike were stricken by 'gold fever'...can't say for sure any struck it rich but as you can see weren't from lack of tryin'...

Paul and I struck it rich as we entered the "Montana Morning Coffee" shack and found this lady roasting coffee beans the "old fashioned way"....old fashioned or not this gal (Dillon) brews a mean
CupAJoe...trust me.
Not long after, we struck gold again with a pair a "Indian Tacos" (Dillon)...what else can I say just about a feast such as this...Anyway next time your in town third weekend in July be sure to check out Bannack Days...not much chance a goin' way disappointed...guarandamnteed!

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