Friday, July 15, 2016

Old Guys Highlight The Guide Season...

For me the "Old Guys": A group of fly fishermen ranging in age from 100 thru the 90s, the youngest one is just a kid in his late 80. They are a delight to guide and indeed highlight my guide season. This year Jack's goal (100 years young) was to catch "just one trout, my birthday present to myself'".  And with all us guides cheering the old boy on, of course he by god got it done. Just minutes after launching first morning he hooked, fought and landed a nice brown. And, with pressure off, of course he went on to catch several more over three days. We should all be so lucky, eh?

Meanwhile, in my boat, Charlie (92 1/2 years young) got skunked first day. Rebounded the 2nd with 6 or 8 trout in the net (one rainbow, about 4 pounds, nearly wore the old boy out before he finally managing to put her in the net) several others missed. But the highlight came the 3rd morning when he hooked a really big brown which refused to give up and...Well, worn to a frazzle, Charley mumbled "Chuck, think I'm gonna have ta break the bastard off, can't hardly hold on much longer." But he did, just long enough to slip the net under the beast--something like 25-26 inches and at least 8 pounds. Slumping in bow seat, almost to whupped to speak, whispered, "Goddamn, Chuck, what a beautiful trout...thank you."

Thank you Charley for being such a good guy to share time with...don't know about you but for me the trout were just a bonus.

PS No the above is not "the" brown; Hard to believe, I know, but both the old man and the kid forgot our cameras...Imagine!