Saturday, April 15, 2017

Upper Missouri Waterkeeper Settles Clark Canyon Dam Lawsuit

Recently Upper Missouri Waterkeeper settled a lawsuit challenging the Clark Canyon 401 Certification in return for both Clark Canyon Hydroelectric and the State of Montana committing themselves to working with local stakeholders in (a) fully understanding the Beaverhead pollution issue, (b) identify the scientific cause(s), and (c) identify and/or create solutions necessary to stopping these events from occurring.

The settlement essentially gets citizens and the Beaverhead what both need: a firm, enforceable commitment and timeline from key stakeholders to work on solving serious pollution problems.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Spring training is going well, Top to Bottom: Annie backing; Maggie pointing sage chicken, though not this handsome male; Maggie pointing sage chicken. And no the dogs are not pointing sage chickens on a lek but rather in the early afternoon well after and before the big grouse do their daily dance and well away from active leks.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Second Annual Beaverhead River Clean-up...

Terry Throckmorton (above) and your intrepid reporter did our best to clean-up the Cornell Park to Selway Bridge section of the Beaverhead River. This was the second-annual Lewis and Clark TU Chapter river clean-up in which members and friends scoured the entire 70-some miles of the Beav from Clark Canyon Dam to its confluence with the Big Hole River a mile or so downstream of Twin Bridges.

We did the same stretch last year and sad but true the volume was about the same...Shame on you litterbugs...c'mon now how much effort does it take to pack out what ya'll pack-in...