Saturday, November 28, 2009

Montana's Block Management Program

Block Management is a program whereby landowners are paid for allowing John Q. Hunter free hunting access. With over 1200 landowners and over 8 million acres enrolled Block Management no other state is even close. While Block Management Areas (BMAs) afford hunters free access there are no guarantees...to maximize success you need to not only do the homework but formulating specific game plans for individual blocks pays big dividends. In other words the more you know prior to the hunt the better your odds of success. For instance is the better habitat away from the fence where just about every other hunter will likely start. If so is there a better way to access those off-the-beaten-path hotspots. Will there be anything left to hunt after the opening day onslaught? Or are you better off waiting until later when things quiet down and whatever game species is likely to drift back to pre-season haunts? If there is access to a BMA from other than main roads those are almost always the best option. Many enrollees are hunters too and some are willing to point hunters to the best spots within their holdings. Talking to the landowner face to face is also the best way to establish long term relationships. We have found striking up a conversation often leads to invitations to hunt holdings not included in the BMA itself. And for the price of a little friendly chat you just might find yourself getting standing invitation to return "anytime." How good is that, eh? Anyway regardless what game species there is a BMA out there...all you gotta do is find it.

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