Monday, December 7, 2009

Stuck in a Deep Freeze... Again

In this neck of prairie it's been damn cold the past few days with apparently no let up in sight. The thermometer on the back porch this a.m.bottomed out around -15, balmy compared to up Havre way where the air temp was -25 with a wind chill of negative 40 or so...I don't want to know what Wisdom or Cut Bank the state's most notorious deep freeze zones might have been.

Anyway our plan is to head back up to Malta in a few days, ass freezin cold or no,we need to get in at least one last hunt. But that's still several days down the road so since there isn't much else to do outside the office I been day dreaming prior toastier times. Like in the photo up Wisdom way when we actually quit not long after Gale snapped the shutter. I recall clearly bitching long and loud how too damn hot our hunting seasons are getting...sorry hunting gods I will never ever again bitch too hot, promise. I've already mentioned in previous posts how wonderful the mid-November hunt near Malta so I won't repeat it here. But what really keeps creeping into my daydreams is how really toasty AZ was and how really inviting the idea of a repeat sounds right about now. Actually this Dec is a clone of last Dec and how at the last minute we said screw it, chasin quail for a week or so no matter how grim the propects sure beats crap outta freezing to death. And of course as I mentioned previously probably way too often how we ended up camping in AZ 35 nights... and how wonderful it all turned out and...well hell maybe there is still time to find a way, wish us luck.

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