Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guide Wars Heat Up

Dick Moore, one of many repeat clients I've been privileged to befriend over the years, caught this beautiful rainbow on the upper Beaverhead a few days ago. It ate a size 18 split back nymph and was just one of many fine trout he managed to hook over three days while fishing the Beaverhead and Big Hole Rivers. 

A fellow geezer, Dick and me share much the same fishing philosophy as well as a strong interest in photography. As such the talk usually revolves more about the latter and the critters and constantly evolving bankside scenery than the actual fishing. Still Dick manages to take a fair share and every once in awhile a real trophy shows up amongst the many memorable photos on the digital memory card.

As you can see it's been awhile since my last post and since then a lot has changed, especially on the Big Hole. The flow is currently dropping like an anvil in a swamp, to the extent yesterday I had difficulty getting down from Fish Trap to East Bank. Below Deep Creek wasn't  too bad but up above I had to drag the boat a couple times. So that's it for me until next season.

On another track during the interim between posts I've fished the Beaverhead below High Bridge several times. Mostly it's been more a boat ride than a fishing trip between High and Hildreth...but from Hildreth to Pipe Organ the fishing and the bugs have been pretty good. Surprising to me are the number of quality fish down there as compared to other seasons. Hopefully before too long High to Hildreth will once again fill in but until then...

The Big Hole had been on fire of late but the last two afternoons in the canyon the fishing has died, at least for me. Two days ago seemed most were in the same boat but one boat, two gals, seemed to be hooked up every time we passed. Do you suppose it weren't the river what died but... 

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