Monday, September 13, 2010

What A Whacked Out World....

...ours has become. No news there but here's one WILL make your skin crawl...least it did mine. It seems a friend of Al's was fishing up in the canyon when a big rock fell and pretty much destroyed his ankle and much of its hide. In intense pain and unable to walk he crawled to a vantage point whereupon he spied two anglers. Waving frantically and calling for help...you won't believe this...the two...feel free to fill in your worst profane descriptive...jerks waved back, turned their backs and continued fishing. Pathetic as hell I know but true. The guy's son later went back looking and found the jerks still fishing...When asked why...more likely what the f...? They merely shrugged said just didn't want to get involved!!!!

As Al so succintly put it..."What planet the two yahoos are from who knows? But I sure pitty their neighbors and friends...To which I would say "ditto" except for the "friends" part...Like ain't none...

Unbelievable, eh?

The big rain of last week raised the Big Hole from about 400 to almost 1000 cfs overnight...much needed water it put the fishing off big time the next couple days but Al reports yesterday afternoon the top water stuff was once again working great...Here's hoping it stablilizes a bit above 400 cfs this time around...less rock-hopping you know...Anyway fishing should be good this week as afternoon highs are supposed to be in the 60s with morning lows in the 40s and only a slight chance for a stray thunder-boomer or two.

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