Monday, December 20, 2010

Travel: Greetings from the Southern Nevada Flooded Desert

A week into our long awaited 6 week long bird hunt and...Well "bird hunt" has become something of a sick joke. Thanks to now 5 straight days snow and rain and/or both we are starting to mold, to say nothing of becoming sort of down with a bad case of the shack nasties. Here are some shots from the road...not much ado with bird hunting but what the hell anything beats nothing, right?

Typical wagon as used on the Oregon Trail travelers...we camped just above the dreaded Three Island Crossing, hoped to visit the Interpretive Center but of course found it closed for the season...kind of fits now that I think on it.

A good way to beat the weather gods is to seek out and enjoy a little local humor...were my mother-in-law still around I'm sure one these goonies wrapped in a X-mas bow would make her grin...the sign sure did it for us. On old US 30 outside Bliss Id in case your interested...

Gale and the Pointer Sisters almost have me convinced this may very well BE the ONLY quail left in southwest ID or NV...stay tuned but if I were you might not be the best idea to hold yer breath...damn it sure is dull, damp and dreary round this neck of desert and worst thing NO GD END IN SIGHT...feel free to toss pity party anyone...over and out...Chuck

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