Monday, February 14, 2011

Wolf Debate: ElK Foundation and Wildlife Federation Exchange Jabs


Click the above link to read the latest in the ongoing wolf debacle which in the opinion of many threatens to forever change the wildlife landscape throughout the region.

Pathetic but true HB 309 seems almost assured of passing both houses and, based on responses from TU, FWP lawyers, despite what Jeff Wellborn says WILL impact angler access to many miles of  MT streams (one estimate puts it at an alarming 6000 miles!!!). On an even sadder/scarier note HB 309 is just one of a staggering 161 bills currently aimed at gutting MTFWP programs, management practices, authority, etc. etc. One bill aims to base Block Management payouts to enrolled landowners on the current Consumer Price Index instead of the annual negotiations between enrollees and FWP. This, according to FWP will reduce the number of properties currently enrolled in the Block Management Program by at least 300 properties. Sweet, eh? Trust me, do the homework, check out what has happened to the hunting/fishing ops in other states where politics instead of biology rule and you CAN look forward to FAR LESS in the future. The way I see it our only hope is to bombard/threaten to oust the **sholes pushing these nonsensical, underhanded, self-serving ideas and lets HOPE Gov. Schweitzer exercises his veto power.

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