Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wolf Video Opens A Large Can of Worms And...

...And gets me a few hate mails and one ugly comment from "Anonymous" who apparently lacks the IF to sign it...So be it, as someone once mentioned, "we all have our opinions and the right to speak 'em...But to all you "Chuck" haters let me point out:
  • "I" DID NOT produce or have a thing to do with the video.
  • "I" of course DID draw my own conclusions and posted the video so faithful followers of this blog could in fact draw theirs.
  • No one, especially you "haters," have a clue where I stand on the wolf issue, in whole or in part.
So in the interest of enlightenment...
  • Fact is I happen to like wolves--i.e. wolves managed biologically NOT politically.
  • I DO NOT like it that the Greater Yellowstone wolf population has been allowed to grow to what most biologists consider way over the top numbers; for all the wrong reasons I might add.
  • I DO NOT appreciate the politics which allow folks from around the globe to dictate policy which should be solely left to the biologists, the folks left to deal with wolves and those most affected by them; that judges, who have NO biology credentials whatsoever are allowed to have the final say.
  • I DO NOT cotton to the idea, once the moose are all but gone, the elk have disappeared and/or fled to safer pastures hard working ranchers are left to "supply" cows to feed the hungry wolves; a deal which of course they DID NOT sign on in the first beginning.
  • And I could go on and on enlightening but then like I said, we all have our opinions, these are just a few of mine...PS keep on sending the hate messages but please do let me know just who the hell you are..over and out...Chuck
To view the video AND DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS please click on http://cryingwolfmovie.com/or check it out on You Tube...

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