Friday, December 16, 2011

Fly Fishing: Fly Friday

Coho salmon

Pink Salmon

Thanks to BC chum, Gary, my bucket list--must do afore roastin' in the big fahr--just got longer...

Coho salmon

Apparently August and September salmon swarm the beaches much like trout in our reservoirs do when the ice goes off...The fishing starts off standing on the beach or perhaps knee deep; using a sink tip line the drill is to cast out strip the fly, much like chronomid fishing, only according to Gary the bite is much hotter; like strip, strip, strip, wraaaaaaang goes the reel and just like that you are agonizing over how much backing you don't have left...then its beach the salmon, snap the requisite photo proof, release and...Of course salmon being, well, salmon...might as well keep a couple for the table....

When the tide changes--in out I forget?--you jumps in your waiting skiff and repeat same until night falls, your arms quit working, which ever comes first...how cool, eh?

Aside from sounding like an absolute hoot I also noted the fly du jour just might be right up my alley as well...you know quick and easy...all in all this is one operation seems to me ya just can't hardly beat...

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