Saturday, February 18, 2012

Montana Outdoors: Random Shots

We rarely leave the house without a camera. Mostly we tote the camera to gather photos to support articles, this blog and, of course, our books. From time to time we sell a few stand-alone shots and we do shoot some for stock but as I say the vast majority are taken with some specific editorial use in mind. Naturally along the way stuff like the dried up henbane weed in the snow grabs us and every once in while we get lucky and end up with a pleasant surprise, which is afterall precisely why we try and tote a camera all the time, everywhere...like the man says, you just never know.

Scandia Luthern Church, built in 1916, in north eastern Montana, sits on a low hill, surrounded by empty prairie about 40 miles from the nearest town; standing on the porch on a clear day you can see forever and not one sign of human habitation. The part I remember is Kate pointing sharptails in the backyard though somehow the outcome escapes me.

We were cruising about the upper Big Hole one day not long after the first sandhills arrived which would make it around the middle of March. As I recall this shot was taken on the North Fork Road, which was snow free but really muddy. The spring thaw was in full bloom. Melting snow and icy-looking standing water everywhere; lots of ducks and other water loving birds; a herd of elk and, of course, cows and horses every direction.

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