Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fly Fishing: Fishing Report and...

I continue to hear mixed reports on Clark Canyon. Ranging from okay to not so hot and pretty much everything in between. My take has been and falls heavily on the not so hot side; slow fishing though is one thing, like could very well be just me but where the cruisers has me baffled. In several afternoon sessions I have yet to see more than a handful up on the banks as is normally the case this time of year...go figure, I'm sure at a loss.

On another track the Big Hole continues to fish well, most days especially for you streamer addicts. A neighbor reported the other day Maiden Rock to Melrose three of them boated at least 15 and probably more. Al has apparently heard a similar tune in the shop. Alas, except for the one day Al and me nearly got blown off the river I have been buried in work and unable to get even...oh well.

Same neighbor reported really good fishing recently Tash to Trash (Beav). Didn't say how many or what they were throwing but did say some of the fish were pretty hefty; showed me a brown on his phone as proof...

Still not hearing much on the Ruby or Madison and not a single mention of blue wings showing up anywhere except the Lower Madison...wind a course could be the culprit.

On yet another track this will probably be my last post this month. We're headin to Oregon tomorrow sometime and will likely be out of touch until at least next Wednesday and since we're going there to work don't look for much in the way of posting. We plan to attend the big fly tying expo in Idaho
Falls on Friday so if I get a chance will fill you in on that extravaganza. Also in Bend Or hope to visit the fly fishing golf course and perhaps even wet a line as free time allows. Promise to fill you in first chance...Anyway that's about it for now...over and out...

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