Monday, August 6, 2012

Fly Fishing: Summer Fish Camp...

Early morning on the upper Big Hole and a frosty one at that especially considering was only 3rd dahy of August. First morning we fished the trico hatch was just getting revved when a big wind blew up and swatted down the tiny (#24s in case you wondered) bugs. With the wind howling and trillions of dead and dying corpses littering the river surface the trout, grayling and whitefish went nuts. Alas acheiving the neccessary spot on accuracy...well not so easy, adding to the puzzle the wind was blowing down and the biggest fish were rising tight against the left bank (above) which meant having to cast cross body to keep from hooking one in the ear...pretty tough duty to say the least. I think about a hundred shots netted something like four fishes...Oh well, twas fun and after all that is precisely what we came for so...

Into the mountains and hoping the timber (what's left of it anyway, the beetle kill in this area is beyond devastating) would kill the wind or at least make casting tolerable...And it did, in fact the wind was hardly noticable and we enjoyed several hours of non-stop hook-ups...Pretty creek, pretty  wild trouts, pretty wildflowers, good company, can't beat it...

Fringed Parnussus

Despite the black background both flowers were shot with available light (as opposed to a strobe) apparently the creek in the background rendered it black...I normally do not like flowers and black background but hard to argue the flowers sure do pop off the page...just in case you wondered.

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