Saturday, September 15, 2012

Back In Action...

Only excuse I can come up with for not posting for near a month now is...just too damn worn out following several too long guide runs...I knew for sure the ol' boy was fast losin' the battle when one night I dreamed a brown trout maybe even weirder than above...whoo-ee baby, best a grip, eh? OK, nuff bawlin' let's get serious, down to the nitty-gritty, at least my take on the current state of affairs concerns the local trout wars.
The Beav has been hot and cold of late...one day we would really spank 'em next day the trout beat us up but good. When it was on size 16 & 18 nymphs such as Lightning Bug (green, gold, silver), Copper Bob, Micro Mayfly (brown or olive), sunken ant, B.H. brassie, B.H. Flashback P.T. and Ray Charles (tan) worked wonders. When it was off...who the hell knows?
August trico and caddis top water fishing some days was mind boggling; lately we've been doing a good business on various hoppers, ants and the old reliable Luna Negra...afternoons of late we've done pretty good dropping a brassie just for good measure.
Only did the Madison once and that day top honors went to the San Whammy (short and wine color seemed to please 'em most). Reports from the Jefferson have been similar to my take on Beav...hot one day and...
I quit the Big Hole after getting stuck way more often than I'm capable of dealing so for the latest update go to my pal Al's bigholetrout.com Apparently he's still fool enough to...well you know...old man, addled mind...

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