Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fish and Birds On Demand...

...as I've confessed many times are not my gig. But apparently Keith (Szafranski)noted photographer who makes his way shooting pics, just does-not-get-it. Back for a second go last week (recall busted sage hen hunt in Sept) well, to put it mildly I failed. A frigid couple hour session on the upper Beav produced not one take...although we did see a couple including one giant rainbow practically jumped over my rod tip...in haste to get the hell outta there? Who knows. Day before we attempted to fake shoot a sage hen or two (Note to Warden: Yes we know season closed but with no ammo in gun, on my person or in truck c'mon give us a break, eh?). Anyway we saw many, maybe a 100 or so but despite heroic efforts of man and dog not one within maybe a 100 yards...spoo-o-o-ky. To Annie's credit she did point two right out the truck but Keith and me fumbled the ball and...What can I say.
Day 3: Foiled again, this time chasing ghost Huns...lots a sign, not a single bird sighted...But, ever resourceful and not about to be denied wholly, after all takes money to drop everything and drive from Livingston to Dillon and hoping to make money at that...poor guy. Anyway as I say ever resourceful Keith proposed to make a few shots of your's truly tying flies...imagine! So he dressed me up and...while the fly is damn nice if I say so myself and a good example of Keith's masterful skills...the MODEL...sorry man, the model flat out sucks...

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