Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arizona Quail Safari....

...is in progress.  We started in Wikieup, moved to Cave Creek then on to our old stomping grounds east of Tucson. First two spots were as advertised a bust...upon landing here we have been into birds every time out. Maybe not great but more than good enough to satisfy this ol boy and his faithful steed, Annie. Annie, bless her, has had only a few miscues and not too many run-ins with her old nemesis, cholla cactus, (faithful followers might recall her emergency operation in Nogales a few years back). Weather to say the least has been sunny and COLD...nighttime in the low teens to low 20s, daytime high yesterday a balmy wind driven 35...today though the temperature soared to 60 and tomorrow is supposed to be near 70 so what's to complain...Right. Terry is on his way down, talked to him this a.m. when he arrived in Kingman. Our friends, Dave and Pam Vedder should be in camp sometime Saturday. Should any of you wondered why so long since last post let's just say computer illiteracy strikes again. As for lack of facebook yak...the bastards have me temporarily blocked like since we left last day December...who the hell knows and I for one have no way of finding out so...anyway tis all for now...ya'll stay warm and of course stay tuned should my run of computer savvy continue...over and out...Chuck

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