Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Montana Fly Fishing: An Endangered Species...

...Unless we act fast to curb the latest in a long line of underhanded, self-serving attempts by rich pricks such as James Kennedy, United Property Owners of Montana and Leigh Perkins, Orvis CEO who sits on the board of the Property and Environmental Research Center (PERC) to overturn the Montana Stream Access Law you can pretty much forget such idyllic scenes as the one above. No more wade fishing, no more float fishing, hell if these bastards get their way you will be in violation breathing the friggin' air above any crick flows thru the hallowed fiefdom. You can start by joining in to BOYCOTT Orvis...Area businesses can help by NOT doing business with anyone even remotely related to Kennedy and his nefarious gang of thieves. Let him and them know they are NOT welcome...Read on for the rest of the story...

James Kennedy, United Property Owners of Montana and PERC are trying to Overturn the Stream Access Law

James Cox Kennedy, CEO for Cox Enterprises, may have done an outstanding job caring for fish and wildlife on his property, as Dennis McCoy stated, but Kennedy not only wants to keep the public off the Ruby River, he wants to keep the public off all rivers and streams in Montana that flow through private property were the stream beds are private. Kennedy, the United Property Owners of Montana and PERC have intervened in behalf of Madison County in the appeal to the Montana Supreme Court of the Seyler Lane access to the Ruby River. Kennedy’s lawyer argued that not only is the public not allowed to use road easements to access the river, but the public can not use the rivers and streams in all of Montana if they are non navigable. Kennedy’s lawyer skipped over the appeal case of access to the river from Seyler Lane and went right to challenging the 1985 Montana Stream Access Law, the Montana Supreme Court ruling on the law and the Montana Constitution that states “all waters are the property of the state for the use of it’s people”. Kennedy wants to take away our constitutional right to use and enjoy all waters of Montana. Remember Kennedy, United Property Owners of Montana and PERC the next time you are floating your favorite river, or wading your favorite stream, because if they get their way, you won’t be doing it any longer.

Leigh H. Perkins, CEO of the Orvis Company, is on the board of directors of PERC, "Property and Environmental Research Center. BOYCOTT ORVIS!

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