Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Montana Fly Fishing: Update

Once again I must apologize for not posting regularly...once agin ace fishin guide worn to frazzle is my excuse...sorry.

Anyway been guiding of late over in the Ruby Valley on a couple private spring creeks and private access Ruby. The spring creeks as always are hot...tie on a hopper, stimi, PMX and go for it...no need to go techy just draw a fine bead, hit the targeted slot and bingo...fish on! Watch your backcast...

Ruby of late is another story...even early morning starts out pretty much DIW and is all downhill from there. Yesterday with a talented young angler in tow from around 8 a.m. until 9 not a single take...top water, dark side no matter...hordes of tricos went completely ignored except for a couple tiddler whitefish sipping no sign of life...thinking perhaps we missed something we went back after lunch...Over the course of a half-hour or or so Sean pitched a hopper in all the right places and once again came up empty...I did not have my stream thermometer along but one dunk of the hand pretty much proved up the river is way to warm and should be crossed off the dwindling list of open waters...In hindsight this morning I checked the temp chart and no surprise each of the last several days the afternoon temp has soared beyond 70; yesterday's high at Twin was 74...moral of story old man guide should wise up and heed his suspicions.

On another track the Big Hole is getting really low and barring a miracle will no doubt officially shut down...that happens I will of course pass the word.

The once reliable Beav is, at least in my experience, in a sort of a funky mood of late. Flow and good temps aside one day she fishes and next day...well, what can I say.

All that said the good news is the up country cricks are still, for the most part, A-OK...enuff said.

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