Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ice Out Fishing Montana Reservoirs...

Ice Out at Clark Canyon Reservoir and the fishing is hot...
The ice went off Clark Canyon Reservoir a couple days ago and trout are swarming the banks, ushering in some of the season's best and easiest fishing. Rig a 9';6-7 weight floating line; tapered leader and 2X flouro tippet. For starters set your bobber about 5 feet or so above bottom fly; add a dropper about 12-18 inches up. Rig a 1/32 oz. simple, sparsely tied wild turkey marabou jig on bottom; a #12 BH Pearl lightning bug, chrome chronomid or red SJW (bead) on the dropper.Pinch a single split shot between the bobber and dropper, just enough weight to keep tension on the bobber. To fish deeper than the length of your rod, a slip bobber makes life a whole lot easier.

Most days the best strategy is to cast out and let it sit...the longer it sits out there the better your chances of a cruising trout finding your flies. If the lake is dead calm try creating small waves with your foot just enough to move the bobber. Should all else fail, ditch the bobber; cast, count down (vary the count until you strike paydirt); strip in ever so slo-o-wly; water and trout are still cold...Right.

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