Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Montana Candidate for Governor Sues MTFWP to block Fishing Access...

Fishing Access Site on Ruby River is just one of several hundred scattered across the state which gives anglers free public access to fish up and down through public or private lands so long as we stay below the high water mark fishing through private...

...If you have followed my many past rants directed at greedy, always rich beyond belief, bastards who would take away this right...actually  law...you know I don't pull any punches telling the pricks what I think and where and what they can do with their scum-bag ways. Am I naive enough to think any of this does much good, that it'll somehow go away...in two words...HELL NO! 

Comes now this latest gem...Seems an SOB, name of Greg Gianforte, who is somewhat amazingly, running for governor, pulled this little stunt awhile back, one that should kill any chance of becoming elected. 

Seems in 2009, Greg and Susan Gianforte sued the Montana department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, seeking to get rid of a Fishing Access site anglers had used for almost 40 years to fish the East Gallatin River. Imagine...

Little more than a dirt road, maybe 75 yards long, that led from a county road to the bank of the river. This access route had been used regularly enough since the 1970s so that in 1993 the public acquired a legal right to use the road. The spur led not only to the river but to an entire riparian area of 75 public acres, owned and managed by FWP for the enjoyment and general use of all citizens but... 

The easement crossed the far end of the Gianfortes’s property. And so after purchasing the lot with the easement and building a trophy house (don't they all?) on the banks of the river the bastards took the issue to court. 

 Filed (sneakily) by a company called “East Gallatin LLC,” whose registered agent is listed as Susan Gianforte and whose address is listed as the family’s home. And if this meal is not tasty enough for you, there’s desert: Art Wittich was the attorney that the Gianfortes hired to bring the lawsuit. Wittich now has an attorney of his own, defending him from being evicted from office. Why someone with $400 million would hire Art Wittich to represent him when he could get anyone in the world is an interesting question.

Like many other things in the Gianforte’s past, to say nothing he is just another in a long-line of arrogant, greedy, self-serving jerks from elsewhere, who move to Montana to build a trophy home and fence off public land. And it’s made even worse by the fact that he tried to hide behind a corporate veil when he filed the suit, to shield his identity and had his wife file as agent. 

So much for his constant TV diatribe, "have a plan to fix all of Montana's woes"...Yeah, right!

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  1. Yikes! Why to the rich think they are so privileged? You words may be to kind for bottom-dwellers like this.