Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moron Slaughters 8 Bighorn Sheep

I am saddened and more than a little enraged by the recent report of 8 Montana bighorn sheep senselessly slaughtered on the highway between Anaconda and Georgetown Lake. A rant not only for the loss but for the idiocy allows such obviously brain-dead individuals to continue terrorizing our highways. To have not been aware sheep might indeed be on the roadway he would have had to miss two large flashing signs. OK, either he had his head so far up his you know what or he was distracted NOT tending to driving after all but dare I say it? perhaps jabbering on the GD cell phone or worse TEXTING or hell, maybe instead he was merely reading the morning paper or brushing his friggin' teeth or any of the other zillion so-called distractions you see and hear of supposed drivers DOING...One thing sure the moron was NOT doing paying ATTENTION...To make matters worse he offered the lame-brain excuse the "sun was in my eyes sorry man, didn't see 'em...yeah right! At 11:45 in the a.m. even in Montana the sun is way too high in the sky to blind...But he did get a ticket for disobeying a traffic signal...big whoopeeee! That'll teach him...you betcha.

According to FWP two of the sheep were trophy rams and "might be mounted for display locally." As a sort of added byline to the tragic story FWP also muttered something about the possibiity of hunters losing the opportunity at 8 ram tags next season and in the foreseeable future until the herd recovers...Now where have I heard that one, all of us losing for the pathetic actions of a single moron...nah, can't happen, right? WRONG

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