Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obnoxious Machines Irk the Hell Outta This Ol' Boy

Anybody who hasn't heard me rail long and loud on the out of control invasion of obnoxious machines currently over-running our fields, woods and waters is either deaf or just doesn't know me. For those who haven't yet had the pleasure let me just say how I absolutely and unequivocally HATE, yes in caps, ATVs, Jet Skis, Dirt Bikes, Loud Pickups and all the other many contrivances modern mankind seems hell bent on perusing mostly it seems just to see who can make most goddamn noise, disrupt the soothing natural sounds some of us happen to love--dare I say it?--even way beyond bagging the biggest trophy buck or bull or fish or limits or whatever. Believe it or not some of us actually enjoy QUIET...No kiddin'!!!

Anyway I'm not so out of touch with reality to think such nonsensical BS is about to dry up anytime soon--certainly not in my lifetime--in fact I'd say it's sure to get only worse. And after reading about the tricked out jet ski in the above photo, what must surely be "the most wonderfully obnoxious" machine yet--a jet skier's ultimate fishing machine...I wouldn't feel too shaky betting the entire farm.

A little further digging--ain't the internet just a wonder--revealed jet ski fishing is one of fishing's fastest growing segments--actually all the rage in such far flung spots as New Zealand and in the U.S. on both the east and west coasts.

FYI, the above rig's inventor is a guy who calls himself Jet Ski Brian. The rig is a highly modified Yamaha PWC complete with rod holders, cooler, batteries, VHF radio, a GPS/sonar rig, and more--what the ingenious inventor calls the ultimate “personal” fishing machine, fast, stable, runs cheap, easily trailered and launches just about anywhere."

What's not mentioned is how friggin' LOUD but given the poor bastard's no doubt long since gone total deef, how would he?

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