Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Arizona To Shut Down 14 State Parks

Beginning next week Arizona will start closing 14 State Parks. Why? Yet another example of a bad economy which, thanks to crooked, inept politicians raping and pillaging public coffers from Washington DC to Alaska, seems headed south fast with no turnaround in sight.

Having camped in at least two on the list, Homolovi Ruins and Roper SP, both of which were badly in need of repairs, it's easy to understand with not enough money to go around these two would lead the chopping block list. Closing Tonto Natural Bridge however is not so easy to fathom. Of all the many places we've visited TNB ranks right up there--scenic, awesome natural phenomena, lots of wildlife and at least seemed to us in pretty good shape--old to be sure but still...Let's hope the powers that be somehow find a way to fund Tonto as well as many of the others on the list.

While Roper suffered mostly from neglect Homolovi Ruins, thanks to looters and vandals, was all but gone. Already well along the path to oblivion when the State took over in 1986--to our untrained eyes there wasn't much left other than piles of rubble--getting it takes some imagination. A few scattered signs explain what once lay beneath the rubble--apparently our mind's eyes weren't quite up to the task.

Anyway, not to panic, the above photo is indeed the canyon we call Grand and NOT, thank goodness part and parcel of the AZ Parks Commish...But then with the tight squeeze Washington crooks have on the NPS these days who the hell knows...

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