Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Hole River Use Rift Brewing

With the river use rules up for review this spring it should come as no surprise some non-resident anglers and I suppose some outfitters and guides would take advantage of the opportunity to change things more to their liking. The surprise to me though is that the Big Hole River Foundation would allow itself to become embroiled. The Foundation was chartered in the first beginning on the premise of protecting the river from abuse--dewatering, pollution, over-crowding, et al. The River Use regulations were put in place primarily to allow citizens the chance to dodge the increasingly heavy boat traffic--largely outfitters and guides but increasing numbers of non-residents--real or imagined--were tossed into the mix as well. In a nutshell the River Use restricts float fishing by outfitters and guides and non-residents, a sort of rest-rotation system, on one section of river each day of the week. For instance Divide to Melrose is closed on Sundays from Opening Day through Labor Day. And another section is closed on Monday and so forth.

As a guide the only problem I have is my aging, scattered brain doesn't program so good anymore and I have to use flash cards to keep it straight. I suppose there are outfitter and guides out there who have a big problem with the current system but I honestly don't know any...haven't heard any bitching other than most think generally a waste of time but most just say hey, who the hell cares there's a lot of river so just go somewhere else. I have heard non-residents whining, oh poor me, a heinous example of blatant discrimination...to which I say get a life, like there are far more pressing problems out there to fret and fume...

Back to the Big Hole River Foundation: My two cents says they are making a huge mistake getting involved in the first place. No matter how it flies--and I can't imagine FWP changing things at least not much--by taking a stance somebody's gonna be PO'd. And as we all know a PO'd customer is not a happy camper and highly unlikely to continue lending support--which of course all foundations large and small depend on for their very existence. So there you have it. Yes, yet another rant by a tired old man, sorry I just can't help myself...maybe I need to check myself into rehab? Nah, I ain't that far gone...

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