Monday, March 29, 2010

Salmon River Steelhead Part 2

A few miles downstream of Salmon, that is north of town. River right Tower Rock looms high against the now dark, ominous sky has been spitting snow and cold rain all afternoon. Impressive in its own right to me the most awesome thing is the house size chunk resting on the bank. The shape and size of the rock leaves no doubt where it originated... high on the face of Tower.

Daydreaming how scary to have been floating past when it broke loose and not paying attention. Suddenly the rod is nearly torn from my grip, line peels from the reel and I'm fast to yet another Salmon River steelhead.

Since late morning Terry and me have netted something like 20 steelhead. Missed, lost, broke off several more, one of which proved hefty/strong enough to straighten a # 6 Gamakatsu hook. Known for stout this is the first Gamakatsu either of us has ever seen straightened.

We are fishing fly rods but some might question our terminal tackle--a dropper rig, sporting two artificial eggs and enough split shot to sink the Lusitainia all off course hung below a bobber--strike indicator if you please. If all this makes you gag all I can say is too bad on you and I do feel sorry you're missing all the fun...really.

Following the typical tug of war eventually the steelhead is beached, requisite photos shot and it's my turn on the oars. Rowing back up far enough so Terry can try his luck in the same run I manuver the boat into position, slow it to match the bobber's drift and...Voila! Steelhead on...And so it goes.

A few hours and several fish later we reach our campsite. Tie the boat up for the night, filet up a couple bison burgers for good measure and call her good. How good is that, eh?

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