Thursday, March 11, 2010

Survey Reveals Top Selling Fly Fishing Brands

According to Southwick Associates "Anglers Survey" released recently, here's how the major fly fishing brands stacked up:

Top fly rod brand... Sage @ 16.7% of all purchases.
Top fly reel brand... Orvis @ 11.1%
Top fly "combo"... St. Croix @ 18%
Top fly line... Scientific Anglers @ 28.8%
Top fly pattern brand... Orvis and Cabela's tied @ 11%
Top fly leader brand... Rio @ 28.4%
Top fly tying material brand... White River @ 60.5% (If anyone out there knows where/how to contact this outfit let me know, I've searched every which way and came up empty...)

For whatever reasons the survey failed to include the following:

Top wader manufacturer... (Around this neck of woods I'd say Simms or Dan Bailey)
Top wading boots...(Again Simms and probably Orvis or Chota but that's just a wild guess?)
Top polarized glasses maker... (Ono?)

So how do you stack up?

Somewhat surprising to this ol' boy is with exceptions for "fly brand" which I can't remember the last time I bought any but they would have come from a fly shop not Orvis or Cabela's and as mentioned above since I've never before heard of "White River"...like I'm actually mainstream...Although since I've not bought much beyond replacing waders and boots as needed and a couple leaders every now and then (I tend to either tie my own butt sections or tie on a commercial job (Rio of course) then hack the hell out of the same basic leader until the line itself fails and after respooling repeat same...works for me. Same with rods and reels use 'em up or break 'em, once in while misplace 'em...never ever have I simply decided to upgrade...well OK almost never ever...

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