Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Hole River Fly Fishing Report...

The river is dropping like a rock...litterally. Ten days ago, with the upper river running above normal at about 400 cfs, we rowed the hard boat from Troutfitters to Dewey and touched nary a rock. Yesterday the river now running just barely above 200 cfs, we more or less drug the raft from just above Troutfitters to Jerry Creek. Spent almost more time dodging rocks than casting flies. In one of the many rock gardens below Wise River one of the clients lost his balance, nearly went overboard, and came within an eyelash of flipping the raft. Combine that near disaster with the equally harrowing near miss of a couple days ago when we crashed a rock and sent the guy in the front the hard boat airborn...spectacular, though also scary as hell. How he missed landing on a boulder instead of deep water is more than I know or care to contemplate, really lucky is an understatement.  Anyway that's about it for me as far as guiding the Big Hole until the river rises which usually happens in early September once irrigation ends in the upper valley. As for the raft we are pretty much done period. In other words it's for sale and at a bargain price...so if you are interested in a small Aire raft (unsuitable for guiding too small) with or without the NRS three seater fishing frame give me a holler....

Too bad the river is so low up there because its fishing really well...Tricos, mayflies, spruce moths, various attractors and even hoppers...All day, all topwater, if it weren't for the pain in the butt conditions...hell, can't hardly beat it.

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