Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weird Weather and Wolf Issue Heats Up

My first thought when I looked at this photo taken in the upper Big Hole well into June was these three sandhills could hardly believe how much snow...like c'mon it is June right? Anyway according to the local forecast the confused birds might just be in for a bit of deja vue all over again, as Yogi might put it. Actually it snowed some over at Sula night before last and the forecast this weekend is for unseasonably cool and SNOW in the high country...like c'mon it is mid AUGUST right?

The wolf debate is heating up big time. The consensus seems to be hang the bastard Judge Molloy....I could not agree more. Yesterday's paper was pretty much all comments from various mad as hell politicians...they probably ain't really...but sounds good....and you know might get 'em a few votes come re-election time. FWP and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation as well as several anti-wolf hunter groups (can't blame 'em hell the wolves are killin' what hunters hunt for cripes sake) put in their heated two-cents also...good on them right?

Anyway the beat continues, the Big Hole went over 700 cfs yesterday, sort of hard to believe but I for one will take it any day...over and out...gotta go row the boat you know...

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