Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fly Fishing: Ice Out Trout

Ice out ushers in one of the season's hottest bites as winter savaged rainbows and, in this case, browns and even a few cuttbows swarm the open banks: looking, first for a decent enough meal to rev up for the spawning wars.
As the ice melts wind blows the remaining ice shelf around; making where best to go sort or a daily crap shoot. Usually the most consistent fishing is on the far side the dam around to Cameahwaite, across the lake at Boka point and around the mouth the Red Rock River...on the east side below the campground (dam) is also worth a shot.

Most popular amongst locals are small, crappie-size, jigs below a bobber. But I've caught ice out trout on egg patterns, San Juan Worms, stripping buggers and leeches (egg sucking), Sheep Creeks, chronomids, Prince and PT nymphs and well, just about any pattern in the box sinks.

No need to bring the boat (although many do) just find an ice-free spot on the bank and flail away. Because it is after all fishing some days are better than others; and CCR is especially noted for wind so...Yesterday was such a day, lots of wind, not so hot fishing. As guide buddy Bart said, "ya shoulda been here yesterday." An all too familiar tune for sure but then what better excuse than to give 'er another go today...So there you have it, the Gone Fishin' light is lit...

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