Sunday, April 10, 2011

Montana: Day Tripping

Fox pup highlights a Sunday afternoon walk in the southwest Montana...
Each spring for as long as we've lived in Dillon one thing we can count on is discovering a fox den, sometimes several, on the Blacktail Road out past the Matador Ranch. Today we somehow missed this on the way out to run the dogs, give we geezers aging joints a much needed workout.

On the way home I almost missed the den again but spotted what I thought, still think were three almost fully grown kits out the corner of my eye. Stopping, I grabbed the camera and bean bag out the back seat, they bailed and went to ground.

Surprised how big at this early date, the real surprise came when this little guy/gal poked its head out the hole. About the size of a kitten, perhaps five or six weeks old no way could it have been one of the three I spotted originally...but then if I did actually see what I think I saw what the hell are 3 obviously older, maybe even mature foxes doing in the same den as such a little kit???

Oh well, whatever, we got our annual spring fox kit fix anyhow. Will keep the investigation going until the kits and/or adults leave the area, hopefully solve the case one way or tother...

Prior the dogs seemed to enjoy the romp as did we under the watchful eye of a large elk herd, countless deer, a few antelope, a raptor or three to say nothing of the Sisters being for a change on their best behavior made for "indeed a pleasant outing" as a DH we'd just as soon forget might have put it...sorry.

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