Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fly Fishing: High Water and Fishy Art

Checked out a couple mountain cricks yesterday...Still a bit too high but running clear and dropping day by day. Barring getting dumped on should be good to go next weekend. The surprise was how little snow remained from three day storm and how little effect it seemed to have on the overall runoff. During the afternoon it rained off and on, at times coming down pretty good but nothing like a real gully washer. Didn't even rig up a rod but did enjoy tramping around, seeing two more moose (uncharacteristically spooky, no chance for pix?), several elk, lots of mule deer and a few more wildflowers popping than we've seen most places this spring. On the plus side high water sure does make for good photo ops...shot above is obviously doctored a bit but still...

 I like rainy/snowy days, especially so during extreme dry spells such as the one haunting us more or less all winter and spring. Storms often bring on the best fishing and usher in the best light for fishy pix...I can't remember where or when we caught this rainbow but judging the exposure out the camera I'd bet the farm on a nasty day. This morning while searching for photos to submit for stock I came across it as well as the well-doctored version...Fish Art with mucho thanks to Lightroom, can't beat it...

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