Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fly Fishing: Escaping Montana's Opening Day Madness...

Yesterday being opening day any chance of finding solitude and trout usually means get off the beaten path or for...get...it. We've also found later in the day is better...like give the thundering herd time to catch a couple and head for the nearest watering hole to brag the big one in the net or, perish the thought, drown sorrows, trying hard to forget the big one got away. Don't they all?

So yesterday we worked awhile in the morning, enjoyed the free lunch (really good by the way) at Rocky Mountain Supply and then headed for a certain little crick about as far off the proverbial path as one can drive to anyway. However, much to our surprise we found a bigger, way more popular crick all but empty...No doubt the Utah/Idaho gang usually overruns it opening day decided to forego the long drive thinking the several 80+ days would surely have blown it out by now. As you can see the creek was anything but blown, actually scary low for this time of year.

For us the empty crick and relative solitude would have been more than ample reward but sure was fun hooking a few in the bargain...Damn ain't wild cutts purty as all get out... In case you wondered Gale got the most but I...I got the big one, a fine male of about 15-16 inches...Honest.

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