Friday, April 5, 2013

Montana Fly Fishing: Big Hole update and....

Big Hole has started to stabilize (about 1600 this morning) and clear somewhat after spiking to 4000 cfs a few days ago. All the gaging stations are reporting flow levels so there is open water all the way to Jackson. Still ice on the banks up high but with the drop fishing with streamers, nymphs and even topwater, midge, baetis and skwala should start picking up over the next week or so, especially below Wise River.

Terry and son, Todd, fished the Bighorn this week reporting 'great dry fly stuff the first day' and 'wind came up second day but we pretty much hammered 'em on nymphs'...take into consideration both are pretty good hands when it comes to chucking flies--top or bottom--still even us duffers should have fun.

Justin reports the Beav is fishing okay but 'river is so low, you gotta watch out not running over the fish' thanks rain/snow gods and, a special thanks goes out to the dam operators for not letting at least enough water out the gates over winter to cover trout dorsals...really appreciate it.

On another track buddy Shawn's outstanding Brittany bitch, Zoey, recently birthed 9 fat healthy pups--6 male and 3 female. Trust me, the breeding is about as high falutin' (pedigree and performance wise) as bird dog breeding gets. If you are in the market give him a call at (406) 683-5426 or (406) 925-9937.

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