Sunday, June 30, 2013

Montana Fly Fishing: Back In Action...

I haven't posted for awhile for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being a really long run (for an old man) on the sticks. Also I have been wanting to change the content from less a personal rant to a more one information driven. Assuming any of you once faithful followers are still out there, I hope you like the change.

For starters the fishing has been very good overall with a few exceptions, mostly due to changing conditions. For example a few days ago Ralph enjoyed a fantastic day pitching dries (X-caddis and Bighorn Sally were the hot ticket items) between Maiden Rock and Browne's Bridge (Big Hole). Except for one short period when the sun burst through the heavy cloud cover the action was pretty much non-stop end to end. Contrast that to the absolutely awful day before yesterday Burke and Chad experienced and, well it makes one wonder if perhaps there had been a fish kill; despite both staying totally focused we managed just a handful of trout, all but one on the small side, and even the whitefish (except for the 6-10 inchers) seemed to have vanished. If I were to guess what would have to blame the high, cloud free sky, bright sun and especially in the afternoon the river (Big Hole) seemed a little warm. Of course it could have been just me...feel free guys I got big shoulders and a tough skin to boot. Besides yesterday Terry reported nearly non-stop dry action in the same stretch of river and you guessed it cloud city once again saved the day. By the way they got the Big Hole Slam--brown, brook, grayling, cutthroat (cuttbow), rainbow and whitefish...an added attraction to be sure.

Not much to say about the Beaverhead other than if you ain't been you really should...great nymphing anytime and should the clouds roll in the dry fly fishing is really picking up.

Little creeks and Clark Canyon Reservoir are as they say on fire. Check the Anderson and Platt fly shop to see what's hot.

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