Monday, July 1, 2013

Montana Fly Fishing: Hot Fly...

When it comes to fly choice I'm pretty much old school, as in pretty much set in my ways. Traditional to the core you might say...Parachute Adams, Humpies, Stimis, Elk-hair caddis, PTs, Hare's Ears, Princes, Lightning Bugs...well you get the picture. Part of this behavior can be blamed on an aging mind just can't assimilate the flood of new patterns hit the streets these days like pouring rain. Of course every now and then one comes along just looks (even to me) too good to not at least give it a fair shot at gaining a permanent spot in my fly box. Such as the Bighorn Sally (above) which as its name implies is a pattern developed I suppose by a Bighorn guide (sorry don't know who) looking to come up with a simple pattern to mimic the Yellow Sally with a little twist to hopefully make it more appealing to the trout.

Based on the current "hotspot" rage--which by the way even I am slowly becoming a believer--the fly really is simple to tie--dubbed body, stack and tie in deer hair wing, tie in the hackle, ice dub the thorax, wind the hackle, whip finish and that's it.

The good news is of late it has become my go-to dry, far out fishing the old standby Elk-hair caddis, traditional yellow sally patterns and running neck and neck with X-caddis, a recent addition to my arsenal of down-wing favorites. The other day, after fooling several trout, I noticed the hackle had come loose so just for the hell of it I snipped it off, dried the fly and next cast my fisherman hooked another. Hm-m-m says I, so dried the hackleless version once again and soon found another in the net...My theory the hotspot is key, the hackle not so much, maybe even unnecessary...stay tuned. So far a #14 has been working best; but I've got bunch of #16 ready and waiting should the need arise to downsize the offering.

Anyway if caddis are hatching in your river give the ol' girl a go...I'd be surprised it doesn't at least make you think on becoming a hotspot devotee...over and out...Chuck

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