Friday, October 25, 2013

Catching Up...

On the way home from chasing sage chickens the other day we spied these two sunning themselves it seemed taking advantage of yet another in a week-long string of Indian Summer afternoons. At first glance we thought "two young cows" but upon closer inspection (click to enlarge) turns out a couple young bulls just hanging out.

I bought Greg's old Hyde drift boat recently and now, of course, my equally well-used though still very much rowable drift boat "the infamous wood and fiberglass Greeny" is up for sale. The price is $2800, ready to fish it includes an Adams Boat Trailer, 3 Carlisle Oars, 3 life jackets and a 30# anchor. Add a little TLC, a touch or two of epoxy, glass and paint and the old gal should be good to go for years of more or less casual use.

Rifle season starts tomorrow, though I probably won't join in the fun and games until later when things quiet down a bit. Yesterday the town and the local highways were jamb-packed with rigs of every sort. Tary much longer and there won't be flat spot left to set up camp. Every season it seems fewer and fewer rigs show up not laden down with an assemblage ATVs and trust me this one is no exception. As my friend Andrew puts it...Like NO ONE WALKS...Amen.

Happy Trails and Good Hunting Until Next Time...Which I vow will be sooner rather than later...Yes, I know, heard that one way to often of late but...

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