Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gov Shut Down...

...for many the current Washington debacle has caused serious financial woes...and not just you poor innocent souls kicked off the job. As Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership reports many communities, wildlife agencies, national wildlife refuges, national parks, conservation programs and what not are already feeling the hurt as well. Federal closures are limiting hunting opportunities, diminishing nation’s outdoors-based economy, curtailing vital conservation efforts. Most sportsmen’s groups have decried ‘piecemeal approach’ of House spending bills, not that many reps are listening. Our only hope is that sportsmen of every persuasion band together and toss the bastards in upcoming elections.

As the impacts of the ongoing federal government shutdown continue to ripple across the nation, the TRCP  is urging congressional lawmakers to quickly resolve the crisis for the sake of conservation, sportsmen and America’s all-important outdoors-based economy.

“The government shutdown is bad news for everyone, including Americans everywhere who value clean air and water, access to public lands and wildlife habitat restoration,” said TRCP President and CEO Whit Fosburgh. “In the name of conservation, our outdoor traditions and our economic well being, we urge Congress to unite in quickly resolving this crisis.”

Fosburgh noted that the shutdown will curtail vital conservation efforts taking place nationwide and effectively halt all legislative action, including action related to conservation funding. He affirmed that the TRCP will continue to advocate for the strongest funding levels for conservation through every means possible.

Impacts of the federal closures radiate far beyond the nation’s capital. Millions of sportsmen rely on publicly accessible lands such as national wildlife refuges to get afield or on the water. Hunting, within specified limits, is permitted on more than 329 wildlife refuges. Fishing is permitted on more than 271 wildlife refuges. All are closed under the shutdown. With hunting seasons beginning to crescendo across the country, the impact of these closures will have a major effect, not just on hunters, but on the communities that depend on dollars spent by sportsmen and other outdoor enthusiasts. For more info go to www.trcp.org

On another more favorable track the Big Hole is currently raging at an astounding 1000cfs plus. No doubt unheard of, record flow for October. Fishing reports indicate the fishing is keeping up with the high water. Good news locally since the Beav is all but kaput for the winter coming out the dam this morning at a paltry 50 cfs...good luck trouts, yer gonna need it... 

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