Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ramblin' Maggie the Wirehair's...

first venture into the southwest Montana sagebrush was, I think, a resounding success. In typical fashion Maggie was undaunted by the sagebrush being in most spots three times as tall as she. Unaware at first she stumbled into scattered prickly pear, stuck her nose into it and came up with a couple spines. Gale held her and I pulled them out...and that was it, at least for today, for prickly pear.

Splitting time between chasing after big sister Annie and exploring on her own as we hiked beside a familiar two-track--naturally she finds it easier to ramble the open trail. And naturally too, she stopped frequently to sniff all the new smells and, of course, sample antelope and sage grouse poop--both of which are easy to find in this neck o' sage.

  While I would like to report finding the birds made the poop alas didn't happen but she did find and enjoy playing with a 20 ga. shotshell--no not one of mine, I make a habit of picking all up even if I have to return after to find them. And yes, it would be nice if the rest of you did like-wise, plastic as we all know is not biodegradable...

Ramblin' Maggie's house breaking is coming along, if ever so slowly--more fits and starts than any pup I can recall...way more "pee mistakes" than Annie and not even close to Katie, our other wirehairs. As for the pointers, setters and Britts sorry but my lizard-like memory is fading fast and I just cannot bring it up...Anyway, we didn't have any yesterday and none so far this morning so we'll keep our fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe, we're at least sort of on the right track...stay tuned.

Crate training is coming along nicely as she rarely makes much fuss and what little she does, does not last long. In the truck you rarely here even a whimper; ditto when time comes to shut down things for the night. Yesterday she slept from around 8:30 until 6:30 and this morning she did get up earlier--5:30 but after going outside, eating breakfast, back out to pee and poop, she went back in the crate and slept for over an hour...can't hardly ask for better...

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