Monday, February 22, 2016

Wirehair Affair...

Late great Katie got it started. In her long run she pointed and retrieved a bunch of upland birds and waterfowl. I can't imagine a bird dog knew more about sage chickens; in the last years of her life she proved time and again an uncanny sense letting us know almost as soon as she left the truck whether or not birds were around. Hard to believe I know but trust me, a true story.

 Like Katie, 8 year old Annie also struts her stuff in sage chicken country. And like Katie she run up quite the upland bird life list. Just back from a sort of marathon Arizona quail hunt (Hunting 38 of the 50 days of season we were down there, she pointed birds almost every time out and despite being tired and sore only once, hunting scalies down Tombstone way, did she refuse to give it her best shot...Shame on me for asking, eh?

 Comes now, Ramblin' Maggie...Not much I can say at this point beyond high hopes the little bitch does her best to keep the affair burnin'...Whether or not the ol' boy can hold up his end of the deal, of course, remains to be seen...Stay tuned...

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