Thursday, May 6, 2010

NOWA Conference: Not Only a Profitable Learning Experience But Fun Too

Seminars such as Keith Szafranski's entertaining and enlightening presentation on digital photography and Tim Christie revealing an intuitive website development software, "so easy even I a relative computer illiterate" (yeah right Tim) and in a second seminar explaining why we as photographers are missing the boat by not using Adobe Lightroom make attending more than worth the price of admission. But conference is far from all work and no play: Consider the annual Wine Tasting Social, bring a bottle or two share with your friends; the previously mentioned Photo Shoot-Out; a belly-aching, tears running down the cheeks performance by a talented, shamelessly bawdy song and dance group from Helena; several great belt-loosening sponsored meals; during, pre and post conference FAM trips to suit just about every whim; fish, float, paddle a canoe, learn to fly fish, go horseback riding and/or hop aboard a wagon pulled by the magnificient team of Percherons pictured above; hours and hours of co-mingling with old friends and making new ones, most you don't get the chance to see year to year. All in all more to do each day than you can shake the proverbial stick at...

Next year's conference will be held somewhere in Washington state. No matter where one thing sure it'll be more of the same just different scenery...can hardly wait.

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