Sunday, May 30, 2010

Starting to Mold

I used to bitch and moan "too damn hot and Sunny" ad nauseum but...Will solemly swear never again if you rain and snow gods promise tocall off the deluge for at least a couple days. Yes, I know here in the high desert, the semi-arid west needs all the water it can get but...Do we really have to get it all at once? We worried all winter, at least I did, how could it ever snow and rain enough this spring to keep our rivers and streams from drying up this summer...

Well, at least for the time being any worry seems unfounded. Ever since the beginning of May we've been getting dumped on big time. Judging the forecast for the next week or so no end in sight. Nearly bare mountain tops a month ago are now winter white. Yesterday even the surrounding foothills were once again snow covered.

Stream fishing is on temporary hold. All the area rivers and streams are raging torrents, chocolate milk indeed an apt descriptive. While mostly rain in the valleys, in the mountains snow continues to pile up even with June just around the corner. Should all that snow melt quickly you can pencil out stream fishing prospects for quite some time.

What all this has to do with the kestrel (sparrow hawk) pix? Well, nothing actually, just a little activity we engage in between rain and snow storms to, you know, keep the shack nasties at least somewhat at bay...   

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