Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NOWA Conference: Photo Shoot Out: Day 2

With the snow finally ended, at least temporarily, the day dawned sunny and bright, near perfect photo light actually. But with nothing to show for Day 1, Gale, my model, still very much under the weather and only a few hours to go I was as they say up agin it.

Over night I had however at least come up with sort of a game plan whether or not I could pull it off remained to be seen. First on my agenda was to shoot some touristy stuff in town; just how I would fit those shots into one the categories...who knows?  While I was shooting the C of C historic barn, Tim Christie stopped and said to get out to Seeley Lake the scenic shot of the lake with the sunrise, snow and mountains was about as good as it gets. Adding "if you win remember I get half."  So I did and of course got there just in time to see the color disappear. Not good (for my prospects) since Keith was just folding up his tripod and wearing that patented grin which we've all come to recognize all too well...if you get my drift.

Really scratching now I shot the scene anyway and it didn't turn out too bad but without the color I knew would not cut it in the final judging...oh well. 

Heading south to Harper's Lake with time now fast running out I pulled on waders and rigged a fly rod, set the camera on the tripod, tripped the self-timer and starting firing away. The best of that hurried effort (above) looked pretty good to me but alas failed to trip the judges' triggers...
Racing back to Broken Arrow to edit what few shots I had wouldn't you know it the computer declared the CD disk corrupted. As I fumbled and fumed Gale despite feeling really bad went off to find someone to beg/borrow another. Sue and Eric Hansen came to the rescue. Eric even insisted on lending a hand with his help I got it done just in the nick of time. 

We spent the afternoon attending various seminars. While the photo shoot out is fun and potentially lucrative (winning shots in each category pay $100 and the best of show pays $300) still the seminars are what lured us here in the first beginning. I'm always in awe how much some of our members "know" and more than a bit mortified how little I've absorbed having done this now for more years than I care to admit...What can I say? Stay tuned...  

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