Thursday, January 6, 2011

Desert Odyssey Continues...

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Nothing like a little humor to brighten an otherwise dull, damp (wet as hell) day in the AZ desert. The hunt continues of course rain or shine and finally, no make that FINALLY our fortunes have taken a turn for the better. After fleeing Alamo area we managed to live through Phoenix and next day landed in Oracle. A familiar spot as we have hunted here every time down in the desert. Last time was pretty much a bust and the hunt was saved only when we found Mearn's numbers off the charts down Patagonia way but...But this time around...well this time around we are finding Gambel's if not exactly up to the numbers we found them 8 or 9 years ago but there are plenty...last 3 days we have averaged probably 50-60 bird contacts. Today we averaged a little more than 1 covey per hour...Might not raise the eyebrows of those who remember 500 bird days but after the horrendous start to this hunt I'm here to tell you 50 plus looks mighty damn good. Early on the Sisters had major problems with cactus then yesterday nothing...but man dear did they make up for it today. Kate got herself stuck really good barging through a cholla (why? ask her) and later I found Annie standing with a look on her face clearly said, "Dad please I need help" All four feet were wall to wall chollas, gotta hurt and you'd think by now...well ain't no sense in speculatin...maybe tomorrow.

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For the uniniated this here is a juvenile Gambel's rooster

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And in case you wondered this here is where the quails dwell and a course tis yours truly a staggerin amongst the stickies...

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