Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Travel: Broken down and stranded in Nipton, CA

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Since last time we have pulled up stakes after 20 some days gunning desert quail (Gambel's) and headed north toward Death Valley but...After battling two days wind we pulled into Searchlight, NV for fuel and...crap...truck will not start. To make a long depressing story short we finally did get it going and after much fussing n fuming headed over the mountains to...Nipton, CA where the GD thing at last died...DIW again after much fussing and fretting and not a little fuming called in the tow truck and...the truck is now in Las Vegas we is in Nipton (pop 10 give or take) and faced with a $2500 get out free ticket should the GD diesel dicks ever get thru ripping us off...But we have cell service another long sad story too friggin painful to discuss at this point in time...and we have internet...and we have about a zillion loud trucks and really loud trains running through our digs at all hours the night...but we have met a bunch of folks, mostly hippie sorts, all of which have by choice dropped off the radar and...are we happy? Hell yes....Are we broke...Hell yes... Will we ever make it outta Dodge? Who the hell knows...Gale says ditto...Sisters just yawn and get on with it... probably good advice...you betcha...over and out...Chuck

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