Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Travel:Still Chasin' Little Chickens in the Arizona Desert

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Upon landing in Arizona in late December our mission has been to not only search and destroy as many desert quail as possible, bearing in mind the shootist's advanced age, the Sisters relative unfamiliarity with the Sonoran Desert and all its many hazardous pitfalls and, well as I write this all of us, including, Gale, our commander and chief and photo guru in residence, are beginning to wear down considerably. Our most recent plan is to hang out here until Sunday and then slowly wind our way north. Until then we will try to at least hunt a few hours each day, shoot a few bird photos and generally try to heal up a bit before making the long trek back to Montany.

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Since January 1 we have been camped in the desert sort of east of Tuscon, hunting daily, sipping bourbon while gawking the nightly sunset and falling asleep to the wild and wonderful yodeling of the local song dog pack. The hunting has been about as good as it has ever been for us. The shooting at times leaves much to be desired but what the hell, you can only eat so many quails anyway...right? Right. The dogs have handled the cholla cacti, at times, to put it bluntly, quite miserably, perhaps their way of gettin even with the shootist...who knows? Who cares. Overall both have been really fun and enjoyable companions which of course means more to us at this stage than anything.

Gale as usual has provided us with one feast after another although I must take full credit for the exemplary tail-gate lunches...Tis I of course filleting yet another peanut butter sandwich, another batch peanut butter/jelly crackers and of course bringing to the picnic the expertise necessary to open Gale's daily yogurt...

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So for now that's about it. We will probably land in Montana sometime around the first of February depending on how long we dawdle in Death Valley and Nevada on the way. I will post as often as I can find internet but since we didn't have much luck on the trip down, don't hold yer breath.

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