Friday, November 18, 2011

Fly Fishing: Fly Friday

The Black Magic is one of many spinoffs of the venerable Chernobyl Ant...What the trout think is of course more than I know? But if I was a hungry trout...well I'd be hard pressed to let a buggy lookin' critter such as it is pass by...And probably that's all there is to it...Another one of those imponderables just is...

In my boat, as an attractor patterns go the Black Magic ranks right up there with the Wulffs, Purple Haze, Stimis, PMXs, Gypsy Kings and all the rest. Some days it really is "magic" especially anytime the light dims--early mornings, storm clouds rolling in, darkness falling--but there are days particularly on the upper Big Hole when trout gobble it all day long, bright sun, high cloudless sky be damned...

Such a day last summer serves as prime example...Two older, as in more ancient than even your intrepid reporter, N.C. gentlemen scoffed as I rigged their leaders with Magics...John Robert actually guffawed quite nasty like I might adds...."Sam I told ya'll we shoulda canceled soon as Al pawned us off on Chuck here...In all my days ain't never seen a guide tie on a stupider lookin' bug and two of 'em mind!!!"

Fast forward now to lunchtime...See the pair of Magics, one bears no legs and most of the wing is missing; the other minus a pair legs, just a few wisps of wing hair remains and half the foam body is flat out gone! What you thinkin' now Bro? Chuck you are the MAN! No less a friggin' genius...I rest my case.

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