Friday, November 25, 2011

Fly Fishing: Fly Friday...

...Not long after devoting self to becoming the High Priest of fly chuckers that I found in a heap of socks and underwear beneath the Xmas tree a box marked "Master Guide Fly Tying Kit" or something along those lines...And so began yet another quest...Master...well, you know... 

With nothing much to go on save knowing what a proper trout fly should look like and not a clue--other than a few crude line drawings included in the MGFTK Instruction Manual (at no additional cost, imagine)--how to roll a trout fly...proper or otherwise...

...Well, as was my style back in the day (and some might say continues unabated all these many years later) I gave the  "Instruction Manual" the once over...Then proceeded to whip one up MY WAY...No surprise then the OM pretty much blew it off, "Nice son, but for now think I'll keep on buyin' mine at Dewey's (local sporting goods store). Later he really took me down a peg or two when I heard him say to an uncle, "Don't tell the boy but to me it looked more like a crippled bird."

OK so it might take awhile to rise to the top of the heap, eh?

Admittedly, the Stimulator (above) fell off the vice several decades later...But c'mon now, you gotta admit this baby is way more "proper" than your basic "crippled bird"...Right? Right.

OK any illusions of rising to the top of the fly chucker/tier heap (or to the top of any heap actually) have long since been flushed down the drain. For many years now I've been content in knowing some of my deliveries will fool some of the trout some of the time and for me that is more than good enough all of the time. I know also that of a dozen Stimis rolling off the vice at least a couple in the bunch will turn out "proper" enough to fool at least the dumbest trout in the pool...the rest? Who cares...for if the past half century and change flailings (failings) have taught me one thing...always another pool and...you guessed it...yet another dummy in waiting...Don't spread it around but bottom feeding really ain't all that bad a deal...over and out

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