Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day's end and so do road trips. We got home yesterday having been on the road a record-setting (for us) 53 days. Most of it encamped in the Arizona desert. Naturally desert quail lured us down there but I'd be lying if I didn't include the many spectacular sunrises and sunsets, the chance to hunt and visit with friends--sharing campsites, camp fires, whiskey and meals with half-dozen Montana and two Washington pals. 

The hunting was good, perhaps not great. But we counted only a couple birdless hunts while most we flushed multiple coveys. Some of the Gambel's coveys were quite large, like 30, 40 or more birds, especially as the season waned and hunting pressure dropped. Annie was sort of erratic, good one day not so hot the next...though just like last year she saved her best for later. Who knows, must be dog thing? If there was a disappointment it would have to be the period between Xmas and the end of the weekend following the New Year when the desert was literally swarming pig and bird hunters, bicyclists and assorted motor-head yahoos. The last couple weeks though except for weekend hardly a soul around. 

We braved hunting Mearn's in the country south of Patagonia and around Nogales; braved as in dodging the illegals and border patrol guys trying to catch them. Terry actually found a big mary jane cache, border patrol agents estimated at around 50 grand.  

One the highlights we saw several really good mule and Coue's whitetail bucks; way more deer than any other trip I can remember. On another track I saw only 3 javelina, by far the lowest count ever; curious since everywhere we hunted pig sign, tracks and droppings littered the desert floor. Most of the others in the gang saw a bunch so guess was more a matter of luck a the draw than anything.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to get back to more regular postings on this blog and on facebook so stay tuned, maybe this time I'll stick to it a bit better than have of late.

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