Monday, February 17, 2014

It seems of late hardly a month goes by I don't find an invite to subscribe to yet another E-zine. Some miss the Ol' Boy's admittedly narrow interests but others such as "The New Fly Fisher" I find hit the mark dead center--entertaining, informative, great photography and most urgent covering one the few topics interest me these days.

Most, including TNFF, are free, just enter your e-mail and password, click submit and good to go. Access to archived issues is a given. Length varies somewhat rag to rag but most are well over 100 pages;FYI, the current issue TNFF is 200 pages. Granted since all the freebies are entirely advertisement driven--is there a magazine out there able to survive on subscriptions alone? I don't think so...

Anyway each issue, TNFF and others, chock full of features and as I mentioned tons a great photos. Because it is digital the number of photos editors are able to use is basically unlimited--no print cost. TNFF of late seems a bit heavily weighted by Algoma Ontario region coverage obviously due to the large number of Algoma lodges, outfitters and such currently buying advertisements. But don't let that put you off there are also plenty of features on other destinations, issues and species specific techniques and tackle throughout North America and even across the big ponds, England, Australia, you name it.

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